Hand and nails repairing cream

To relieve and strengthen the epidermis of your hands and nails, it is important to find a healthy and natural product that will strengthens your skin’s natural defences. Asabio’s hand and nails repairing cream is the perfect 100% organic combination to protect your hands: rich and full of nutrients, it will restore their natural softness and elasticity. In order to be able to reinforce the epidermis of your hands, which are subject to numerous aggressions in daily activities, it is important that your cream is thick and rich.This is why one of the main components used in this cream is shea butter, which offers a very high content of fatty acids. Known for its moisturizing and calming action by many people all across the planet, it represents one of nature’s major assets in repairing your epidermis. To complete its action, hemp also very effective in the recovery of the skin.Its seed oil, cold-pressed in a natural way, allows to deeply moisturize your epidermis, thanks to its important contribution in vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. In addition, CBD, one of the 144 cannabinoids contained in hemp, will bring its anti-oxidant and regenerating action recognized by many studies carried out recently. It is also known for its anti-infl ammatory action, which will provide relief for your hands. By combining many natural ingredients to deeply regenerate and moisturize your skin, the hand and nails repairing cream is the perfect product to repair your hands in a 100% organic way