Body Recovery Cream

To allow your epidermis to recover from the various aggressions and pains it may suffer throughout the day, nature has made available numerous molecules that allow you to relieve yourself in a totally natural way. The hemp used to extract the oil and CBD comes from 100% organic farming, carefully cultivated for decades on European lands. The eldest plant domesticated by man, wich contains a wealth of benefi ts for our bodies. Thanks to hemp seed oil, cold pressed to preserve all its properties, you can bring your skin optimal comfort and natural recovery. Known for its moisturizing action, hemp seed oil helps to repair your skin quickly. By combining its action with the one of CBD (Cannabidiol), the Asabio body recovery cream will allow you to take advantage of the assets of CBD, which are increasingly known and studied by various cosmetic researchers. Numerous studies highlight its anti-infl ammatory action, in order to relieve body pains in a fully natural way. In addition, the Arnica montana present in this cream makes it easier to recover from body damage. Arnica montana is one of the pillars of homeopathy for its recognized action against haematomas and traumas. The body recovery cream is therefore the perfect biological combination, allowing you to relieve your body in a totally natural way. Certifi ed Ecoorganic, it combines all the forces of nature to allow you to recover faster, and of course in a healthier way: hemp, CBD, arnica montana, peppermint oil, etc…

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