Body Oil

Recovering from the stress we experience every day, is very important to feel well and relaxed throughout the day. To be able to release your muscles, massaging them regularly allows a better recovery and represents a recognized natural prevention. By combining many natural organic ingredients, Asabio «Body Oil» is now available. It is used like any other massage oil and contains only products from organic agriculture. In this Asabio «body oil», you can enjoy the benefits of 2 major assets of hemp: its seed and its CBD. Hemp, cultivated in a totally organic way from thousands of years on our lands, is overfl owing with benefi ts. Its seed oil allows you to deeply moisturize your skin, but also to let it benefi t from its natural and healthy nutritional assets, in order to make it regain softness and lightness. It is constituted of numerous vitamins, fatty acids and other omegas, which will durably nourish your epidermis. The CBD (Cannabidiol), will enable you to make your body benefi t from its rapid effects of relaxation and relief, increasingly highlighted by numerous scientifi c studies. In addition, peppermint oil, with its highly refreshing action and remarkable analgesic properties, allows you to regain well-being and deep relaxation. It will penetrate your skin in order to relieve it durably and moisturize it in order to allow you a total relaxation. This massage oil is suitable for both professional and amateurs sportsmen and women, as well as for all people looking for serenity and well-being, in a completely natural and organic way. By applying it regularly to the different areas of your skin, you will benefi t from all the forces that nature has made available to relieve and relax your body.