Anti-ageing perfecting cream day & night

The Asabio anti-ageing day and night perfecting cream allows you to combat the fi rst signs of ageing, but also to strengthen and protect your epidermis in a completely natural and organic way. Nature has provided us with many botanicals ingredients to care for our skin and strengthen its functioning. In the Asabio anti-ageing day and night perfecting cream, three forces of nature offer all their benefi ts; hemp, rose and hyaluronic acid. Hemp, the most ancient plant domesticated by man, is full of benefi ts and advantages, which have been transmitted over the ages, worldwide. Its hemp seed oil, composed of many nutrients (vitamins, omegas, fatty acids, etc.) will help you rehydrate your skin, restore its softness and its natural touch. CBD, also obtained from hemp, is one of the most studied molecules at present for its use on the epidermis. A recognised anti-oxidant, that allows the skin cells to regenerate quickly and naturally, in order to prevent skin deterioration and premature ageing. In this day and night perfecting anti-ageing cream, you will also fi nd Musk Rose, one of the most benefi cial components in fighting skin ageing, provided by nature. By accelerating cell regeneration, it also helps to reduce stretch marks, scars and brown spots. Finally, hyaluronic acid will also bring its share of benefits to fight against skin aging. Known as the real « cement « of the skin, it bridges the empty spaces between cells to give skin its natural and smoother appearance.

Combining a wide range of natural active agents, the day and night antiageing perfectifying cream is the perfect skin care product to reduce and fi ght against skin ageing. Certified ECO-organic, take advantage of all the forces of nature to relieve and rebuild your skin.