Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum

Nature has provided us with many elements and molecules that allow our skin to regenerate itself, in order to prevent the appearance of the fi rst signs of skin ageing. To be able to regenerate the cells of the epidermis and find a clear and soft skin, Asabio has developed the anti-ageing lifting serum. To regenerate your epidermis quickly and deeply, hemp seed oil and Cannabidiol (CBD) have been extracted from an organic hemp, grown in a totally natural way, to obtain all its benefits.On the one hand, the hemp seed oil will bring its share of healthy nutrients, so that it can moisturize and restore your skin’s natural softness. Thanks to its composition very rich in vitamins, omegas, fatty acids and other natural nutrients crucial for the regeneration of skin cells, it will help you regain a smooth and soft appearance. The CBD, known for its strong anti-oxidant and regenerating action, will fi ght against the fi rst signs of skin ageing. Studies carried out by scientists and cosmeticians show that CBD is one of the strongest components contained in hemp known for its benefi cial action on damaged or ageing skin. To complete its natural action, Asabio has added hyaluronic acid to this serum: by supplementing the cells of your skin, it allows the skin to regenerate quickly and regain a soft and silky appearance. Considered as the true «cement» of the skin, hyaluronic acid is one of nature’s major assets in fi ghting the ageing of the epidermis. Recognized as one of the best forms of application, this anti-ageing lifting serum brings together a multitude of natural ingredients, provided through plants, to rapidly rejuvenate skin cells, while strengthening the skin in a 100% natural and biological way