What is Asa ?

Asa, Hemp in Japanese but also «morning», is for us the most important natural active principle existing on which is based each of our products. It is also a philosophy and a method of formulating natural products, 100% Organic in total symbiosis with nature existing in Japan over millennia. The Asa will bring into your daily routine (symbolized by the «morning»), all the needs that your skin may have in order to cross the aggressions that it undergoes daily, and avoid the possible marks caused by the time passing. All these products have been carefully selected from today’s nature in order to link «Asa» to the best discoveries made by mankind over the centuries until today, with the unique aim of satisfying your well-being.


Our commitments

The Asa aims to protect mankind by preserving its environment. This is why we are committed by only accepting ingredients from 100% organic cultivation, promoting and taking into account our environmental footprint. We work exclusively, with passionate people located in Europe, from the plant to the manufacture of the products.


Our philosophy

Asabio has therefore specialized in exclusively organic cosmetics with hemp and CBD as a guideline. Our goal is to combine the millennial strength of «Asa» with the richest and most intense contemporary organic active ingredients to provide your skin with the best care and treatment available. Therefore, we place quality and innovation at the heart of our concerns. Convinced that organic cosmetics can compete with conventional cosmetics and teach them to respect our environment and its biodiversity. We are continuously striving to come and discover new raw ingredients in order to combine them with « The ASA «, experimenting with new combinations of ingredients, with the exclusive desire of offering you an unmatched quality, with exclusive ranges, in complete harmony with nature and animals.